About Us


Fit For Work is an established national provider of innovative workplace injury prevention services. As world-class leaders in our field with 20 years of experience, we have shown that by embracing a culture of wellness and safety today, and making prevention a priority, you will experience a stronger, healthier workforce. This significantly reduces costs for both workers compensation and health care with financial returns that will far exceed your investment.


Fit For Work provides innovative nation-wide health, wellness, ergonomic and safety services tailored to create a healthier, more productive workforce in order to generate tangible reductions in workers’ compensation claims, healthcare costs, and OSHA recordable incidents. 


Fit For Work will be the national leader in establishing cultures of wellness for our communities, our corporate partners and our families that prioritizes prevention over cure, eliminates incentives for illness over health, and permanently changes the way health care is delivered.

Our Locations



No matter where you’re located, Fit For Work can help. No matter the number of locations you have or what state or country you are in, you’ll receive the same consistent service. With over 500 locations through the United States and Canada, our scale and our reach play to your advantage.


Fit For Work has provided onsite occupational health services to Frito-Lay for over 14 years. During that time they have more than exceeded our expectations for injury reduction and cost containment for ergonomic related injuries and illnesses. In fact,

their organization was instrumental in helping us achieve the OSHA VPP Star designation in 2000 at which time our ergonomics program received a ‘Best Practices’ recognition.

Fit For Work provides both personable and professional consultative services of the highest standard.

Fit For Work had a vision for a prevention service, with the goals of reducing on the job injuries,

keeping people at their jobs and cutting down on workman comp costs.

Fit For Work positions itself as a solution provider: their expertise allows them to assess the clients’ need and set in place a program of care that will reduce the number of injuries and the workman compensation costs.

When I served as the Director of Business Continuity for Kinetic Concepts, Inc. (KCI), I had the pleasure of working with Fit For Work. They were first class all the way!! My duties often overlapped into issues where technical safety issues were involved and Fit For Work was my “go to” resource for any safety issue. Anytime I needed a consult, or help of any kind, they were always there with accurate and reliable advice.

Their ergonomic evaluations saved us tons of money, and kept workers on the job comfortably.

I highly recommend Fit For Work.

They really find out what is going on, what is wrong with a person, in total. Workers routinely suffered strained backs; however,

the occupational therapists have intervened with an injury prevention regimen and reduced the company’s recordable injuries by 85%.