Frequently Asked Questions


Fit For Work has a simple, easy-to-use 5-step implementation process for all early intervention programs that walks each client through the process from start to finish. Our extensive experience removes all guesswork from the equation and ensures all stakeholders remain involved, aware, and informed throughout, helping achieve the smoothest possible implementation.

Our services are also scalable to multiple locations. Delivering consistent results across multiple sites and multiple years is a hallmark of the Fit For Work process. We pride ourselves on keeping as many employees across locations as safe as possible. Beyond just putting a provider onsite in a location or two, getting it right every time takes experience and infrastructure — and we have a 25+ year history that can speak to both.

For onsite early intervention, a Fit For Work provider will be at your site weekly, connecting personally with team members via one-to-one interactions to assure a full understanding of the routines to prevent potential injuries building trust and connectivity. We'll focus on the three leading indicators to injury during each visit: early soreness, ergonomics, and behaviors.

Most onsite interactions take place in the field where we can function in a preventative manner, as opposed to sitting back in an onsite clinic and waiting for the "walking wounded" to come in. Our approach is about preventing injuries before they happen — not reacting to them after the fact.

If that’s what you’re looking for! Some clients prefer a longer-term contract, but that is not something we require. We are flexible and comfortable relying on our results to build long-term relationships with clients.

Yes. You will see a 50% reduction in injuries and associated costs as a result of our services. Fit For Work programs begin to see results emerge at the 6-month mark, though it takes 12-18 months to get fully integrated.

Considering many of our clients have been with us for more than 15 years without any binding contract, the history of results speaks for itself. Our clients and their employees trust our results because they see our results.

No. We understand the sensitivity to unnecessary downtime and have designed our program to connect and interact with your employees without any negative impact on production. In our 20-year history, we have yet to disrupt the productivity of a client.

Yes! We always say that if you can get people to your place of business, there's no reason we can't get one person there. We have an internal team of professional recruiters dedicated to sourcing the best talent in the industry nationwide.

This is another area in which our renowned culture, clinical learning opportunities, and personal and professional development directly impact clients and act as talent attraction and retention advantages for us.