Fit For Work is officially partnering with VelocityEHS – the global leader in enterprise EHS and ESH software solutions – in a move that will enable companies of all sizes and within all industries to operationalize their ergonomics processes while proactively reducing workplace injuries.

Workplace musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) are the largest category of workplace injuries, affecting 25% of workers worldwide while costing employers billions of dollars a year. This new partnership represents an incredible opportunity for businesses to quickly scale their comprehensive safety programs, from implementation and training to onsite assessments and more.

A Perfect Combination

The collaboration between Fit For Work and VelocityEHS is tremendously exciting because of what both sides bring to the table.

On the SaaS side, VelocityEHS brings its proprietary ActiveEHS® software to the table, including solutions that leverage sensor-less motion-capture technology, AI, and machine learning to help organizations continuously improve their health and safety efforts. With VelocityEHS, anyone can conduct MSD risk assessments and identify risk causes and controls with the precision of an experienced ergonomist.

On the service side, Fit For Work brings decades of expertise across thousands of locations and a robust team of 350 professionals. Our dedicated team includes physicians, occupational therapists, physical therapists, athletic trainers, certified ergonomists, and safety professionals capable of helping companies create scalable safety programs through onsite interaction.

Together, the two sides can help organizations of all shapes and sizes swiftly and skillfully implement world-class, holistic health and ergonomics programs that have a significant and lasting impact.

2023 Accelerate User Conference

This May 16-18, Fit For Work is sponsoring VelocityEHS’s Accelerate User Conference in Nashville, TN. We will have two team members at the event – VP of Strategic Accounts Matt Weber and Director of Customer Experience Cindy Festge – the first of whom will be leading a session on the effective combination of safety services and software during the conference. Register now to reserve your spot.

For more information on the partnership between Fit For Work and VelocityEHS, please see the official release here.

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