Industrial Ergonomics Experience Understanding Knowledge Results

From material handling and repetitive movements to poor best-practice policies and stagnant job rotation, the industrial working environment is predisposed to a vast range of ergonomic risks.

Fit For Work’s Certified Professional Ergonomists (CPEs) and Ergonomic Specialists work closely with employers onsite to design solutions to mitigate these risks and reduce injuries to keep employees safe and healthy.


Prevention Through Design

When we say “Prevention through Design,” we mean:

  • Prevention of injury and discomfort for workers
  • Prevention of costly musculoskeletal issues
  • Prevention of lost time and decreased productivity due to the above
  • Prevention of production bottlenecks and other profit-sucking inefficiencies
  • Prevention of negative environment interactions that decrease system optimization

Our experts assess risks and produce deliverables designed to optimize systems-level performance, thereby improving productivity, quality, and employee performance and well-being.

The deliverables of an industrial ergonomics strategy include:

Physical Demand Analysis 2

Physical Demand Analysis

Physical Demand Analysis

Identifying the physical demands of a role to reduce injuries and expand your hiring pool.

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Ergonomic Risk Assessments 2

Ergonomic Risk Assessments

Ergonomic Risk Assessments

Assessing risks to decrease the potential for and severity of work-related injury.

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Functional Job Descriptions 2

Functional Job Descriptions

Functional Job Descriptions

Outlining the manual material handling aspects and body positions and movements necessary to perform the physical requirements of a job.

Job-Specific Test Development 2

Job-Specific Test Development

Job-Specific Test Development

Ensuring prospective employees are physically capable of performing in a role before they are hired.


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Fit For Work's vast experience and variety of professional backgrounds provides your business with a one-stop shop for expertise and evidence-based deliverables. We have quite literally been there, done that, and seen it all in nearly every industry conceivable, giving you the confidence that you’re receiving the highest level of professional ergonomic service on the market.

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