Physical Demands Analysis Quantify the Job. Make Sustainable Change.

The Physical Demands Analysis (PDA) is a comprehensive process that accurately and objectively identifies the physical requirements (material handling, body positions and movements, and work environment) of the essential functions of the job.

Not only is this process efficient in quantifying the essential functions of the job, but it also simultaneously reduces the physical capability needed for a position by presenting innovative solutions as a part of the analysis.

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The 3-step Process


Determine the force, repetition, and continuation of movements associated with the job, in addition to the body positions and movements required and the conditions of the surrounding environment.


Present solutions designed to reduce the physical demands required to perform all essential job functions.


Implement solutions to reduce the potential of workplace injury and to improve workplace morale and productivity.

Why this solution from Fit For Work?

By better understanding the physical requirements within a given role, employers are able to more accurately navigate the hiring process to onboard workers who will succeed in both the short- and long-term.

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