Take Early Intervention to the next level. Put Predictive Analytics to work for you.

For over 25 years, Fit For Work has been preventing injuries by 50% or more through employee interactions focusing on leading indicators such as Early Soreness, Ergonomics, and work behaviors. Knowing who to work with and when is an art that has been crafted and refined delivering staggering results. And by leveraging predictive workforce analytics, it just got better. By sensing patterns that humans simply cannot, Fit For Work PREDICTS™ now can alert the Onsite Injury Prevention Specialist who to interact with and when, before the employee even reports the issue. This additional data stream further improves the program and continues drives injury rates down. Fit For Work is the only EI provider to provide this service at no additional cost.

Fit For Work PREDICTS™ is the ONLY Predictive Analytics in the Industry

  • Accurately identify who is about to have an issue
  • Client facing dashboard allows easy access to data and tracking
  • Included with Onsite Early Intervention program
  • Empower your safety and operational leadership to assist their employee

What does Fit For Work PREDICTS™ measure?

  • Job Specific Requirements
  • Physical Capabilities
  • Pyschology of the Worker
  • And more…

Want a demo of Fit For Work PREDICTS™?

What you get with the demo:

  • Live demonstration of dashboard functionality
  • Case Study to share with team of how Fit For Work PREDICTS™ allowed collaboration to intervene and provide successful solutions
  • Talk with a team specialist at a time that works for you
  • Analysis and discussion of how this could work for your setting

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