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Fit For Work understands that no one professional can house all the necessary areas of workplace safety knowledge and skills needed to keep your facility or organization compliant and keep your employees safe.

The need to be compliant is not a one-time thing - it’s fluid. That’s why, in addition to our core per-project workplace safety consulting services, we also offer affordable safety subscription services that give your team the opportunity for an ongoing partner in safety compliance. Whether you're just getting started or improving on a more seasoned safety program, our experts are here to provide compliance solutions that will protect your team, prevent injuries and improve productivity.

Examples of Fit For Work’s workplace safety consulting services may include:

Safety analyses and assessments

From facility inspections to safety compliance assessments required by regulatory standards, we'll take a look at all aspects of your environment to identify risks and formulate a plan to mitigate them.

OSHA citations & inspections support

We'll help you implement compliant record-keeping, create an inspection team, provide site specific citation response, and more.

Desktop compliance reviews & support

Written safety & health programs, procedures and training modules based on site-specific risk identification, and treatment are available.

Management and employee safety training

We not only specialize in creating safety programs tailored just for you — we also ensure your plan integrates with your organization on a functional level from top to bottom.

Expert witness consultation

Fit For Work serves as an expert witness (testifying or non-testifying) in cases involving compliance, negligence and other duties of care.

New tool and equipment recommendations

In need of an upgrade for either safety or productivity reasons but not sure about the process? Our team can help find compliant solutions that will serve your objectives.


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