What We Do


Fit For Work is an established national provider of innovative workplace injury prevention services. Our list of services includes:

  • Onsite Injury Prevention Services
  • Industrial Ergonomics
  • Employee Testing
  • Total Employee Health
  • Safety Compliance


A healthy workforce is a capable workforce. We apply an evidence-based, progressive service that will proactively move the needle to achieve zero injuries by focusing on the three leading indicators to an injury – early symptoms, ergonomics, and behaviors.

Fit For Work provides an Onsite Injury Prevention Strategy driven by an Onsite Specialist that has been uniquely trained to understand the paradigm shift from “reactive” to “proactive” and is backed by a multi-disciplinary team of over 50 Injury Prevention, Safety, Wellness, Industrial Engineering and Ergonomic Professionals. With signs and symptoms or none at all, tomorrow’s musculoskeletal problems start today. Preventing those problems requires careful listening and skilled assessment to understand – precisely and objectively – why, where, and how they begin.   This is where our Onsite Injury Prevention Specialists excel.

Onsite injury prevention services include:

  • Early Intervention
  • Job Coaching
  • Best Practice and Methods Identification
  • Ergonomic Assessments
  • Trainings


Our studies show that even one ergonomic risk factor is cause for concern. Two or more, and your risk of incidents goes up exponentially; with it, your costs.

Fit For Work understands human factors and knows industry. We apply an evidence-based, lean ergonomics method that achieves maximum results for your bottom line, for peak performance and health, and for a sustainable and strategic competitive advantage.

The Fit For Work team is among this industry’s most experienced, highly educated and professional ergonomics & human factors specialists in the nation.

All Fit For Work ergonomic solutions are overseen by our lead ergonomist, a CPE possessing a PhD in Human Performance & Technology and a Masters in Engineering.

Ergonomic services include:

  • Ergonomic Evaluations
  • Physical Demands Analysis
  • Ergonomic Program Development
  • Lean Ergonomics
  • Expert Witness Consultation


An injured employee who is out of the workforce can cost an employer more than two times that person’s annual salary in hard costs alone. Add in the costs for ramp-in, training, lost productivity and temporary staff, and that number climbs even higher. Meanwhile, the applicant you should have hired — the one with the required ability — has gone to work for your competitor.

Fit For Work helps you avoid these costs by assessing a job candidate’s physical ability, and providing you a baseline of performance in light of injury and a return-to-work situation.

When your employee returns to work following a workers’ compensation or FMLA-related injury, you should be absolutely certain he or she could do the job. Fit For Work testing and analysis gives you quantifiable assurance that he is able to do the job, successfully and safely.

Employee Testing services include:

  • WorkSteps Certified
  • Post-Offer Testing
  • Fit for Duty and Return to Work Functional Testing
  • ADA/EOCC Compliant



Beyond the typical wellness programs; Fit For Work addresses and manages costly chronic diseases such as diabetes, metabolic disease and depression, while looking globally at your operations to leverage incentive programs on both the health and safety side. Due to our onsite presence, our participation rates are unmatched and outcomes significant. These customized, quality Total Employee Health programs reduce the need for formal, more costly, health care services, and result in lower-risk, more productive employees.

Sample programs include:

  • Wellness Screening
  • Health Coaching
  • Onsite Health Interventions


Fit For Work turns safety into a strategic advantage. By preventing and decreasing injuries and accidents in the workplace, you discover new opportunities to innovate, conserve resources and increase economic gain.

Compliance with OSHA regulations not only helps you avoid costly penalties and fines, it can also prevent incidents, reduce workers’ compensation claims and, with our individualized program in place, will dramatically increase employee morale, production and company profitability.

Safe work practices protect employees from injury, equipment and other assets from damage, and the financial investment you have in both. As experienced industry leaders, we understand that you don’t need just another lengthy task list or useless marching orders. You need to know exactly how, and why, to make safety work and get the job done.

Identifying the areas of risk in your workplace is a comprehensive science. Controlling and eliminating potential hazards efficiently and economically is an art. With Fit For Work, the result is an informed, competent, protected workforce, greater levels of productivity at every rank, and a more predictable, more secure financial future.

Safety services include:

  • Focused review of incident logs and loss data in order to generate actionable goals
  • Safety programs for supervisors and front line operators
  • Nationally certified safety professionals
  • Goal-oriented solutions
  • Continuous improvement systems
  • Comprehensive facility, equipment and safety program evaluations
  • Environmental, Health and Safety program development
  • Site, equipment and task-specific program implementation
  • Job Hazard Analysis: Linking ergonomic factors and safety for comprehensive solutions