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Do sprains and strains just keep happening?

You need an experienced partner. A Fit For Work Onsite Injury Prevention Specialist will work directly on the floor, in the field, out in the trucks—wherever you are, to prevent the injury from ever occurring. Our comprehensive focus on the 3 leading indicators of an injury - Early Soreness, Ergonomics, and Behaviors - will ensure this program is different than others and is much more than just a symptom/response process.

Instead of delivering a solution that simply reacts, you will have the peace of mind and confidence that comes with knowing your workplace injury prevention program is constantly shifting your environment further upstream into a state of proactivity.

Leading Indicators

Early Soreness 2

Early Soreness

Ergonoics 2


Behaviors 2



  • 50% reduction in injuries and their associated cost and a 30% reduction in non work-related sprain strain costs
  • Dynamic OSHA compliant service to meet your evolving needs
  • A proactive and evidence-based focus on leading indicators
  • Enhance the investments your company has made in health and wellness
  • Turn-key solutions to impact both new and long-tenured employees
  • Easy-to-use reporting with key metrics to monitor the health of your workplace

How to know if Injury Prevention Services are right for you:

  • You are experiencing too many sprains and strains
  • Your environment includes physical and repetitive work
  • You have tried and tried to reduce injuries to no avail
  • Employee retention is important to you
  • You are facing an aging workforce
  • You'd like to quit chasing injuries and work to prevent them instead
  • New hire injuries are too prevalent
  • You are looking to connect your workplace injury prevention/safety with your health and wellness initiatives but need help

Why Fit For Work?

Unique to the industry, our Onsite Injury Prevention Specialists are supported by our internal team of Certified Professional Ergonomists (CPEs), Certified Safety Professionals (CSPs), Industrial Engineers (IEs), and Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) experts, to provide the highest level of support and collaboration. This level of infrastructure and expertise is simply unmatched and provides you the highest level of impact and support.

Actionable predictive data and real time reporting. You will benefit from the proprietary key metrics that Fit For Work has developed to measure the health of each site, thus allowing us to deliver impactful and consistent results at one site or across your entire enterprise.

An industry-first, Fit For Work has infused the latest research in Pain Science into all of our Early Intervention interactions to help our Onsite Injury Prevention Specialist positively impact the “pain experience” and mindset of those working in the industrial setting. Tremendous amounts of research from our partners and other world-renowned experts have proven that educating on Pain Science principles is effective for those with chronic pain. At Fit For Work, we are bringing this comprehensive strategy to your workplace before injuries occur, thus you are more resilient to pain and are able to safely avoid unnecessary and risky medical treatment such as opioids, surgeries, injections, and disability.

With over 2,000 sites across the US and Canada and over 20 years of experience, our Infrastructure and Culture allow Fit For Work to be the industry leader in providing you with exceptional and consistent results.

wherever you are, we are

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