ErgoHome™ At-Home Ergonomics
For more comfortable and productive remote work

Navigating the variable home environment.

When working from home without the familiar systems of ergonomic standardization, workers are forced to navigate a highly variable scenario they’re not nearly as familiar with. In many cases, the results include nagging soreness, discomfort, and a lack of productivity that negatively impacts the employee and the business.

Because the at-home work environment isn’t standardized, the solution can’t be, either. Rather, an ergonomic solution must be provided on a case-by-case basis that matches the needs of both the worker and the home.

Fit For Work delivers this through our ErgoHome™ solution – a one-on-one, real-time virtual consultation personalized to each employee’s unique situation. We connect remote workers with our Ergonomic Specialists to address the complex human interactions in the home, ultimately providing an in-depth evaluation, analysis, and education/recommendations to allow for more comfortable and productive work.

ErgoHome™ is scalable to support thousands of workers, delivering at-home ergonomics solutions designed to address what are becoming new but increasingly difficult challenges for workers.

Services Offered

  • Personalized one-on-one consultation via video or phone
  • Easy online scheduling
  • Support from Fit For Work's Ergonomic Specialists
  • Scalability to support thousands of at-home workers
  • Solutions designed for the complex human interactions in the variable home environments of your employees that apps and standardized checklists may not account for

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